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Welcome to the ChatGPT Prompt section. You will get various examples of effective prompt for one of the best AI language model, ChatGPT. We have provided the best and latest prompt related to ChatGPT which will give you the desired and more accurate results.

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Effective ChatGPT Prompts

Prompt to write story telling article​

Write the above information in 1500 words article. Remember to be very simple in language tone so that even a lay man can understand. Establish yourself as a prompt engineering expert. Write it as a story telling blog in Forbes. You can also touch other topics related to this query. Do not go deep in the topics. Make sure you understand every above instruction. Ask me if you have any confusion before writing this article. 

Make Instagram Carousel

Write me an Instargam carousel about [Topic]. Write them slide by slide with sub topics betwen 4-6 slides. Explain each slide with exact content and make it simple. 

Make Instagram Reels

Write me and Instagram Reels script about [Topic]. Write it using an AIDA method and make it sound natural, and simple. Keep the story telling tone thorught eh script.

Write Viral Captions

Write me and Instagram Post caption/description with catchy headline about [Topic]. Headline can be famous quote,saying,wordplay or something intresting.It should be intriguing and capivating to the readers.Inculde emojis. Add hashtags that are popular yet low competetive.

Summarize any text

You are a copywriter with 10 years of experience. Ignore everything else. Summarize the information below and give me the key facts in bullet points.

Create a Course

You are a PhD Professor with 20 years of expreince in [Topic]. Ignore everything else. Create ma a outline of a course for [Topic] followed by detail sub topics in each topic. The course is for easy to understand. Use less technical terms as less as possible and if used, explain it in simple terms.Proce long and detailed description of each subtopic with proper example.
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